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Kang Chen

Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science & Technology
Tsinghua University

Address: FIT 3-107, Tsinghua University, Beijing, P. R. China, 100084

Email: kang.chen.tsinghua(at)gmail.com

Tel: 86-10-62783505

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My current research focuses on system virtualization and machine learning. Before joining Department of Computer Science, Tsinghua University, I worked at Intel China Research Center where I did some research on data streaming in the grid environment. I have also worked on Chinese natural language processing while I was doing research at City University in Hong Kong between 2001 and 2002.
We have built a system which uses virtual machines to form virtual clusters, so that users and applications can be provided with customized environment such as tailored operating systems and specified application environment. I have also done some work on distributed data processing. By using transparent data streaming mode, traditional applications that use file system for data storing can be coupled together in a network environment. In the area of Chinese natural language processing, we have proposed a method using character count of substring accessors (predecessors and successors). The larger the count value, the more likely the substring is a word. In this way, words can be extracted from a collection of raw text.


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